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Sunday, June 19, 2005 

Second Stage

I've finally arrived to the second stage of my training to be a commercial pilot. Situated just outside of major town in Australia.The new accommodation that the company is providing us is a big step up from the past living condition provided to us. As said by the head of training, the further along the program we go, the better our lifestyle will be. I'd say what we have here is already very good. It feels like I'm living in a four star hotel, where there's sports facilities, housekeeping (except we have to clean up our own rooms), and full board. Actually, this place is supposed to be kept up and running by the cadets themselves. So there's duties assigned to everyone. In a week, you're assigned to do gardening for one day, driving duty for a day, typing duty, flight operations, and a host of other duties. It's not as bad as it sounds since there are a bunch of us here.