Tuesday, June 28, 2005 


Yesterday was my first sortie. It's always a great feeling being up there in the sky. The first sortie is just an introduction of the training area. This training area is HUGE. It's larger than Singapore. About twice as large actually. Unfortunately the training area is kinda bland. Flat and brown mostly. It's good for training but not really interesting to look at. The landmarks that I need to look out for jut out due to the flatness of everything else. One thing that is great about flying in winter here in Australia is that the horizon is quite defined. It used to be really hard get my visual flying attitude right, but over here it's way better. Two hundred more sorties to go. Wish me luck.

Saturday, June 25, 2005 

A Trip To The East

Went to exploring around fremantle the other day. Quite a nice place. Just by the seaside. One thing about winter here is that it rains alot. For the past few days it's been raining and it was the same during our trip. So we had our order of fish and chips and chilli mussels indoors. As soon as the sun peeked out, we headed out to the beach to get a glimpse of the scenery. Even though the sun was shining down on us, the sky was still mostly grey and drab. We managed to entertain ourselves though with some air shots.

We ended off by visiting a brewery/pub. They display all their equipments which make the whole place have a distinct feel to it.
Day ended with a trip to the local maritime museum and Fremantle market. Not much at the museum that's all different from the one I've been to before. Fremantle Market is a hustle and bustle, a hodge podge of everything. Fruits, food, cds, crafts, and a bunch of other things. A day is not enough for Fremantle. Will come back again some day soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

Still Have Not Flown

I still haven't flown as yet. I haven't been assigned an instructor. It's only the second working day since I've been here. I really can't wait to be able to take one of the Cessnas up. Haven't flown for the past six months so I must really be rusty. Since I can't go up, my friend and I decided to just take a jog near the airport. The airport is meant for aviation enthusiasts and a training ground for some aero clubs and another airline. Supposedly to be one of the busiest airports in Australia catering to roughly a thousand landings a day. Passing by the hangars I managed to catch site of a lot of new aircrafts that I've never seen before. It's quite interesting, the planes that we can see here changes seasonally, as summer comes along, crop dusters will come along, in winter we can see all sorts of planes coming by for servicing. Most planes here are props, but I was told that I should be able to see some Citations which are jets being used for training purposes here.

Tiger Moth (biplane)

Sunday, June 19, 2005 

Second Stage

I've finally arrived to the second stage of my training to be a commercial pilot. Situated just outside of major town in Australia.The new accommodation that the company is providing us is a big step up from the past living condition provided to us. As said by the head of training, the further along the program we go, the better our lifestyle will be. I'd say what we have here is already very good. It feels like I'm living in a four star hotel, where there's sports facilities, housekeeping (except we have to clean up our own rooms), and full board. Actually, this place is supposed to be kept up and running by the cadets themselves. So there's duties assigned to everyone. In a week, you're assigned to do gardening for one day, driving duty for a day, typing duty, flight operations, and a host of other duties. It's not as bad as it sounds since there are a bunch of us here.