Tuesday, May 03, 2005 


Hmm, since I needed an outlet, i started writing again. This site isnt really meant to be seen by anyone I know. More like a shout out into space to vent out my frustrations and anger, or just a spot to quietly contemplate and rearrange the confusions.

Studies are going along fine, I need to pay more attention to Airlaw, Radio, Instruments, HPL. Am confident in Met Prac, Navigation, Flight Planning, Signals, Met Theory. Instruments and HPL should be doable in a few more days. Must finish off those off by the end of the week. Weekend must go for Radio. Then I'll have a week til Colllege Exams....

Social life....I met a girl that I'm interested in. I'm really trying not to be too anxious/pushy. I was told that sometimes, I come on too strong. Met her at the wrong moment, too busy with exams now to really plan things out. Career comes first right now. Another thing is that my ex has been really friendly with me lately...Sometimes I feel sorry for her because there was a time when I was a real burden to her during my problems and she stuck by... I have to thank her for waiting til i sorted things out, to break it off with me.



Another three weeks and i'll be taking the exams that will literally determine my future. Today we received news that another four people got chopped off from training. One due to flying and the other three due to failing in exams. The three did miserably in the exams, it was usually policy that you would get a second chance, then it was changed a couple of years back, that it was to the discretion of our sponsor. Usually they would let you re-sit for the exams a couple of times. This latest news came as a shock to all of us in my course group. Alot can happen that might affect your performance during the exams. Some took a big leap to drop everything that they had to attempt their "dreams". I hope that all my course members make it through.