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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 

Clipped Wings

View from King's Park




During a wet week, we took the chance that a break in the clouds gave to us to run out and enjoy King's Park for a couple of hours. King's Park is too immense to cover in that short amount of time. Managed to only walk along one path that went through less than a quarter of the park.
My student pilot license still has not arrived. Thus I'm stuck on the ground. After three weeks of not flying, I flew the other day. I'd say I'm happy with the flight. Still managed to maintain and pilot the Cessna within tolerance. Landings were O.K. even though the winds were gusting and the crosswind was fluctuating to 14 knots. The Cessna 172 that I flew is only rated up to 15 knots.
Wish me luck that I'll get my SPL soon so I can soar again.

Really like to drop by to view the pictures displayed. They are really nice and well taken!

Thanks alot. I enjoy taking pictures. One of the reasons why I want to be a pilot is to see the world and capture it as memories.

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