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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

Fish is the Dish

The college felt that the students needed to have a bit of spice in their lives here in Australia. They came up with an Iron Chef competition. It's been more than 16 months since the last Iron Chef competition. Each course batch had to send in a representative cook and a couple of helpers. I was designated as event photographer.

The whole event was a bash, with VIPs flying in all the way from the parent company. Even the admin staff of the college, the engineers, and the Instructors took part. My course made sweet and sour fish. Unfortunately even though our presentation was splendid, we did not manage to bag first prize...or any prize at all for that matter. The award went to the Instructors, who had an ex-chef among their ranks. Theirs was a slightly braised fish with noodles and sweet lemon sauce. I managed to taste their creation and I must say, they really did deserve the prize, which is dinner for two and twelve bottles of wine at a local restaurant.

After the cook-out, every one was treated to imported frozen prata, and hong kong mee cooked by our very own chief flight instructor. All in all, it seemed that everyone had fun, students all the way to the highest admin staff. Of course the cleaning up after was up to my course and the next most junior batch.

Roti Canai or Prata

Home Team

it's quite an interesting sight to see a whole bunch of pilots trade roles to become chefs!

Yep, it's great fun to see everyone display another talent. Everyone did great with good dishes. Even the engineers decorated their dish with small wrenches and spannars made out of carrots.

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