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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 


PFL is short for "Practice Forced Landing". It's how we practice what to do when the engine fails while you're flying. We check to see if the engine could be restarted, and then we find a place to land and glide to our landing site while going through some more checks and alerting other planes and control towers of our plight.

My instructor and I went out to the training area, climbed up to four thousand feet.
" Ok, engine failure."
He pulled the throttle so the engine started sputtering and the plane began to pitch forward. Since I was prepared for this, I set the plane to glide and began the procedure for the PFL.
The landing area that was chosen was a farm field, complete with cows. As I was coming in, I saw the cows started "walking briskly away".
" Sir, won't the farmer be mad at us for scaring the cows?"
" That's why we cant go down too close. Ok, go around."
At five hundred feet from the ground I powered up and flew off. We did this several times until my instructor was happy with my performance. Apparently the farmer also has a plane and his own personal airstrip. He let's us practice around his property as long as we don't abuse the privelage.

Should have posted this picture during Merdeka Day. It's a picture from a Merdeka Day event back in Pittsburgh.

cow tipping aviation-style?

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