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Tuesday, September 06, 2005 

Slow week

For the past few days the weather has been really bad here, I had to cancel three of my flights. I'm putting myself up for tomorrow and the day after. Hopefully I'll be able to clear those sorties so I can move on. I'd like to try and head back home early next year.

I hate sitting around. I've gone through the library here. We cant really play any sports til past 330 nor can we go out before then. It makes me feel trapped. The gym, which is open 24 hours, is good, I can only do weights now, the rowing machine and elliptical machine hurts the back of my knee (some old injury). I need a bit of stress to spice up my life. Really have to go out tonight.

the last time i felt that way was when i was in java for a family trip. it's no wonder that they have big families there.

that sounds a bit saddistic, doesn't it? that u need stress to spice up your life?!

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