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Friday, June 09, 2006 

CPL IR NT Rating

I passed my Flight Test on the 31st of May 2006...Route was

YPJT /N0180 A050 YCUN /N0180 A060 YBIU CKL YPPH/N0180 A040 YPJT
DLA/ YCUN 0100 YPPH 0015
RMK/ YCUN NAT not above 5000 within 10 Nm Radius YPPH Req 1 x P ILS

The whole flight itself was one of the best that I've ever had. The Chief already briefed me on what he wanted to see for the flight. So it was a matter of just flying the plane, had to handle traffic seperation, procedures, radio calls, and plane management by myself. Sounds hard, but it really is liberating. I could do what I thought was right and he'd just sit there looking out. He did intervene when I didn't take into consideration the possibility of flying into a danger zone. Over all lessons that I could learn are;
  • give more thought to changes in track due to atc intervention
  • must be more "lively" when handling emergency situations
  • must always question myself on what can I do now to ease the next phase of flight
  • must force myself to look at the end of runway for night landings

Things that I did well are;

  • very meticulous in procedures (checks, radio calls, standard callouts)
  • ILS and NDB (Instrument Landing Systems, and NDB)

Of course these are besides the fact that I could just fly the plane around.