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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 


Today we did stalling and avoidance turns. Stalls are when the aircraft loses it's lift component. This is usually because the plane is flying too slow or too steep an angle. What happens is...the plane drops from the sky. We're trained to be able to recover in a few seconds. The 172s that I'm flying are quite stable, like a truck. hard to stall and easy to recover. That didnt stop me from going into a secondary stall though during the exercise! Basically I fell a thousand feet in the sky. By the end of the hour I was more competent though, with only a hundred feet drop which is good.

Avoidance turns was fun. It's a 90 degree bank angle turn. Which means the plane was flying sideways! You could really feel the g-force. Felt like I was in a fun fair ride. My instructor said if I liked that, I'd love it when we get to do unusual attitudes.

(Beechcraft Baron)