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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

License to Fly

I received my Student Pilot License today. I can finally attempt a solo flight. In good time too. My instructor has been scratching his head wondering what to do with me since I've already exhausted all the normally scheduled sorties. He was just about to put me up for Sortie 133 (my last sortie was 107A), which means I was supposed to fly with only instruments and not be able to look outside at all. They do this with a special cap which limits your vision. It will only enable you to glance downwards to the instrument panel.

Anyways, It'll be a long time before I do that now since I can go back to the regular syllabus. Next is my ninth hour. I have seven hours of flying time to show my instructor that I'm able to command the aircraft safely by myself. Looking forward to the challenge. Wish me luck.

good luck!!

Congrats! Best of luck and happy flying :)

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