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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

All Kinds of Conditions

Pilots have to fly in all kinds of weather. The higher the rating you have, the more adverse the weather can be that you can fly in. Today the sky was clear, and the winds were blowing. It was a nice breaze. Since the control tower reported weather conditions that are within my rating, I prepped up my plane, measured, calculated, and filled out the weight and balance sheet, and got approval from the instructors for me to go up. Once I was airborne things got weird. I was holding an aimpoint that usually worked for the wind speeds reported but I was still blown to the side slightly. When I came in for my first landing, I was higher than normal.
"Aimpoint, aimpoint, centerline, airspeed."
"ok, being pushed aside, centerline, turn abit, turn abit, centerline achieved, aimpoint, airspeed"
"shit coming in high, airspeed ok, decent rate ok, shit i'm high"
"shit shit shit shit shit, plane wont land, floating. nose up nose up somemore"
"shit being pushed to the side, not on centerline anymore, ailerons, come on, fix it, fix it, fix it, shit still not landing"
I was practically floating above the runway at less than a hundred feet high for more than six hundred meters. The runway is only a thousand three hundred meters. I decided there won't be enough runway for me to take off again if I landed. Full powered and took off again. This happened once more. I did manage to land the plane properly a few times in the one hour alloted to me. Apparently today there was an occasional 10 knots tailwind. The Cessna 172 is only rated to 5 knots. Learned that there wasnt much else I could do in those conditions but be patient and go around.

sooooooooooooooooo fun!!!

my baby says shit??

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