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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 


Pathway to...

I've always envied people who could paint. I've always envied people who could express themselves through poetry, song and lyrics, any of the arts. I've always been a science man. Love the mechanics of things, how things work, and always asking why and how. Maybe that's why I like photography so much. There's a technical aspect to it. There's a lot of things to learn to be able to express the feeling you had when taking a shot through the photo. There're techniques, tools, and tricks which have methods and numbers. Or maybe I just like photography because I'd like a history of where I've gone and what I've done. Selfish reasons no doubt.

I'll be posting more photos as I learn how to use my new camera. Quite pleased with it, makes taking photos easier.

Why do you prefer to take pictures of objects and landscapes rather than people?

hmm..cam kenal je gambar tu... zan,ko takde fotopages ke to put up all your photos for that night? senang sket aku nak download...

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