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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 

Indo Travel

By Bromo
(since I couldn't seem to get my remote to work, I had to use the camera's timer, thats the best picture of me by bromo folks!)

Bromo is an active volcano, it's one of many in Indonesia, and it is beautiful. To get to the new crater isn't that hard, you just need to climb a bajillion steps. Yes, there are stairs, but at altitude, and having a bajillion steps, I found myself out of breath by the time I reached the top.

The picture above is inside the caldera of a volcano, it...is....huge! It really is hard for me to imagine a volcano erupting and blowing away it's whole top to form this humongous area. And the basin has really fine ash/sand. Some grass has started to grow, but there's still a lot of ..sand that makes walking around hard, and switching camera lenses unadvisable. They do have horses to help you cross the dusty, fine sand/ash field. It's a short fifteen minute ride or so to cross the final ash sand field from the jeep area, but if you walk, I'd guess a good half hour or more to cross the field. I'll post more Bromo pictures in the future.