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Tuesday, March 09, 2010 

So, a lot of things has happened in two years since I've fully checked out. Still a lot more to learn, a lot more things to understand. The posts won't really be chronological for a while, as I'll be putting up some pictures and just writing a bit about where it's from, what I remember on how I felt then, or something I've learnt so i won't repeat it again.
Cold contemplation
I've turned 30 when I went to the Yukons. I was looking for the northern lights. I wanted to stare at the lights, sit in the quiet chill, and mull over where I want to be in life, whether I've done what I should have done, basically, questions I'm sure everyone has asked themselves to better understand who they are. I wanted to do it on my birthday.
Flying high
Passed probation and am following the path of my career of choice.

Somewhere in Greece, there's a stadium with the coolest acoustics.

the pix are rrreaally beautiful!

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