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Sunday, March 21, 2010 

Movies onboard

Just came back from a flight as a passenger. Sometimes the company just needs fewer people to bring the plane back. I prefer to bring the plane back as there's more things to do than just sit around and watch movies. Movies are updated monthly and, if like this month, I had to be a passenger twice, you basically would have seen through most of the huge selection of movies, tv series, and other videos available. Let me explain. I would have probably seen new releases of movies, being a movie nut myself, which leaves me with movies I'd like to watch again, and foreign films. There's usually around five films per language, I'd have watched popular chinese and hindi films as I have friends who enjoy watching these in theatres or bought them on dvd.
Which leaves me with some European films and and a few japanese and korean films. So, what did I watch this month? Up in the Air, Fantastic Mr Fox, Whip It, Hachiko, Amelia, Life ep1, 2 eps of The Big Bang Theory, Fight Back to School (HK), Looking for Psychic (Japanese), Kiss Me Kill Me (Korean), Some ther Korean Movie about psychics, 2 eps of Hank, Top Gear, Modern Family, Cleveland Show, and How I Met Your Mother.

Really recommend Up in the Air, Fantastic Mr Fox, Life, Looking for Psychic, and that Korean Movie that I forgot what the title is (heh).

Anyway, I felt connected to Up in the air, because basically thats how I actually want my life to be like, simple, and routine, but I'd also like someone I can connect to. I don't believe in fate, love, faith and most things intangible, but I really love it when I see someone who does. I'm someone who sheds a tear when watching movies of these types, which the Japanese and Koreans have it down pat. Maybe it's because I'm searching for something that I can believe in. Heh, guess I'm just confused at the moment. Anyway, I'm another year older. Still a lot more to do and see in this world. Wish me luck!