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Tuesday, November 27, 2007 


One Gigavolt! That's how much charge a lightning bolt could have.

Today coming in from a fairly short work schedule, I was flying the plane in and was a bit concerned with the patches of weather shown everywhere on the weather radar. Not only did I not get the smooth descent I wanted because airline x was slightly in front and below me, now I have to worry about darting around to avoid these clouds so close to the airport. Greatly supported by the captain, we requested heading (directions to fly) after heading to cut in between the clouds. Strangely though, airline x was just bashing through the clouds like they weren't there!

"Ergh, those passengers must feel like riding a bronco, not a plane" I was thinking as the radar showing airline x passing too close for my comfort to areas of strong weather. Not that our ride was much better, bumping along steadily as we passed beside one cloud after another.

As soon as I thought that, a sharp crackle was heard and I saw a bright streak just beside the captain's window! He jumped, and managed to quickly compose himself and started scanning the instruments to make sure everything is fine.

The rest of the descent was pretty mild, despite the speed kept on jumping about and I had to play with the power settings quite positively. This was mainly due to the turbulence around weather of this sort.

Quite respect the captain throughout the flight. He's a humorous fellow who's relaxed when need be and very professional when the need arise.

Once on the ground, there was paperwork after paperwork to be filled in so the plane could be checked out and proper authorities notified that we got hit by lightning. So now I've experienced first hand that planes can handle roughly a gigavolt coursing through them quite easily.

Well, that's a hot seat ya, anyway, it's a learning curve laced with "encounters". Someday you too will turn towards your co pilot with a smile of encouragement. Fly safe.

That's nothing, Izan. I once drove through potholes in the rain!

Anyway, congratulations. How was Harith?

Heheh, wont be looking towards the right in a loong time unless I wanna look at handsome chap! :P

Didn't go myn. Tickets sold out for when I'll be available. So, went to Alexis for this Aussie acapella jazz group. Quite fun too!

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