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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 

Bored at night

I get bored easily. Since I tend to go back to my home country to help my aging parents out, I don't have many friends here. Unfortunately, I don't have many friends there either since most have become expats all over the world. So in the end, I find that I can count the number of friends I have in a country with one hand. It's also because I tend to like my alone time, so more often than not, I'd not call people who I know, out when I get the chance. This, plus the fact that I usually can't sleep at night, I find myself usually bored at 1am.

Sometimes I wonder if I can drive a taxi as a part time job. I love driving, especially at night. The calm, the quietness, the cool air, the empty streets. It'd be right up my alley. Sometimes I do drive around aimlessly at night. Look at lights, watch night owls hanging out at restaurants, food stalls. Usually, I'll just cure my boredom by reading online news, or re-watch old movies I have. Doesn't really shake the feeling of boredom that I have, but it just fills the time til I feel sleepy which is usually around three, and I'll be awake again round seven in the morn, to have breakfast at a cafe while watching people go to work and the world passing by. I live a very sedated life here...