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Monday, September 19, 2005 


Today I went out for my pre-solo area check.

My instructor and I was doing turning stalls. With a reduced power setting, we are supposed to make a level turn. Because of the low power setting, the plane just wants to fall so as we try to maintain the same height, the plane's speed gradually reduces. Eventually, the plane will lose lift and just drop out of the sky. Now, with a turning stall, the one side of the wing will lose lift first and just suddenly drop. If not handled properly, the plane will go into a spin.

My instructor was demonstrating the stall, the angle of the aircraft was such that when I look at the side window I was just looking at ground. As my instructor was recovering, I suddenly saw a twin engine airplane pass by a few hundred feet below. In my mind I was thinking that if it was me that was recovering from the stall, I might have hit that plane. My instructor recovered within a hundred feet, my average is a couple hundred. The twin should have kept a proper look out. The plane sped away as my instructor glared at it.

My last post was posted when I was mad. "Anger is fleeting insanity", if I recall the quote correctly. I do love my girlfriend and am doing my best for the relationship. I've loved her since I saw her nine years ago.

(shot at the national mosque of Brunei)

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