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Friday, February 23, 2007 

What now...

Friend's Model
(with my new lens)

With a dslr, one can fall into a trap of being an equipment freak rather than being a photographer. I'm going down a slippery slope. I've always loved gadgets, marvelling at the things that they promise to do, and throwing money at newly released items. I've managed to restrain my lust for new gadgets for awhile now, but with the purchase of the dslr, I've started to feel a want for more gear... a better lens, a macro lens, filters, monopod, and practically all the nifty things that camera accessory makers come up with to entice people like me to scrape every penny from the bottom of our pockets.

On my visit to an area quite well known for it's camera shops, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Stores and stores with shelves full of beautiful and shiny gear. I browsed one store after another, peering through the glass cases at the display of lenses for all makes. I played around with tripods and bean bags and even some monopods. I got to see beautiful film cameras that no one wants anymore but are works of art in itself. My short trip to find a used lens to expand my capabilities brought out the old greedy habit of mine.

I went there to find a standard 50mm lens so I can practice portraiture and composing. I came back with a 17-70mm macro zoom lens (which is wayy more expensive!). For the time being, I've quelled my hunger for better gear. But... I still need a 50mm lens, a flash, polarizer, monopod, and proper camera bag...maybe a lensbaby.