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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

Flying Colors are Blue and Gold

On 23rd of October 2005, I passed my P-check. It's equivalent to acquiring a Private Pilot's License. In Australia, we can have passengers and travel across the country side as long as we don't do it for profit. Glad to say, it was one of the best flights that I've done up to that point. Everything went well for me, my steep turns were level, my forced landings on the spot. The only thing that I messed up was my short field landing. I've never done a short field before. The purpose is to land and stop as fast as you can. As I was coming in, I was fighting with the heat currents, the plane rocked around but I managed to keep my aimpoint and flight profile. Just above the runway, there was a sudden updraft which caught me unawares, I reduced power, a bit too much, and the next instant, the plane dropped from the sky! Plane, Senior Flight Instructor and I, came down with a big bump and a hop! In my mind I cursed myself for such a lousy landing. While taxying back, he just told me to have proper control of my power next time, everything else was good, so he passed me. Now I need to treat everyone here for dinner as is the tradition for my course.

Cottesloe Beach