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Friday, December 30, 2005 

Once Again

The planners have finally assigned me to a new check instructor. This whole fiasco has cost me almost two weeks of advancing through the program. My new check instructor is another senior instructor (just my luck that I get them for my checks, one out of ten chance and I get them both times!) Not much information on him. I know he's a nice guy on the ground but people change in the air. Two of my friends are under him, one says he's ok, the other says he's a horror to fly with. In the end, I've learned my lesson and will just ignore the instructor.

It's still fun to have friends invite me to do things that I can't do due to religion or prinicpals.
"Hey dyou wanna follow us?" W said as he burst through my door.
"We're going to go to Hog's Breath for some steak and beer!" he excitedly explained as I query our destination.
I stared at him and remained silent as I let his words sink in.
"Oh shit, yeah, you don't eat steak or drink beer! Why don't you damnit?!" I just smiled and watched him close the door and I got back to my reading.
I haven't flown for two days waiting for my check. I won't fly for another three days because I need to be scheduled for a check and I don't have any loose sorties to complete. While waiting I finally got round to reading the Da Vinci Code, The Curious Incident of a Dog at Night, and I'm going to start on Angel's and Demons. I've also gone to a jazz clubs and cafes to fill up my time. I get bored too easliy. I haven't had a holiday in two years now and it's starting to grate on me. The problem about days here are that I need to be instantly available if anything comes up. I was at prayers near downtown Perth, when Operations called to assign a check instructor for me today. That's the biggest reason why I can't go gallivanting to my hearts content even though I know I won't fly for the next few days. I need a really really long drive somewhere. Far far away from my colleagues and work.

"I stared at him and remained silent as I let his words sink in"
-- your friend reminds me of joey from friends. heh.

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