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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

Phase Two Check

Almost a month since I last posted anything. Among the things that happened were;
  • my friends being sent back due to not being able to show the performance wanted by the sponsor
  • bad weather that has pushed my progress back by a couple of weeks
  • fun nav flights into savanah type areas
I am now up for another phase check. The Phase Two check will see whether I have what it takes to navigate visually properly. This will comprise of, flying the plane safely, navigating properly, and communicating with other stations responsibly. Seems quite easy, but flying over thousands of acres of fields make it very hard to find out your position. We're also tested on procedures, and emergencies, such as engine failure and diversions from your path. Some instructors will also intentionally get the student lost to see how they find their way back.

I love this phase actually. Navigating to other airfields gives me a great thrill. Even though it's practically flat and brown out there, there are some unique and interesting feature such as the salt lakes. They're now quite dry and they just stick out as big round white discs in a sea of brown. There are also several notable hills and large cities. What aids us the most (well at least myself) are the wheat silos. Huge white buildings that points out where there is civilization. You can see these markers gleaming white from as far away as forty kilometres.

Wish me luck with this next check.

Wagin Airfield next to a Salt Lake.
Wagin town is on the top left.
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Yo Shah...
macam mana u boleh bawa flight sambil amik nice pics from the cockpit? Is it just like you drive on the road and taking pictures atound?? just curious on the ongoing process...that's all.. anyway, drive the airbus safely.. hahaha.. (^_^) Remember! Don't drink and drive...

wow! the part where u get lost and try to find your way back sounds fun! like amazing race many many feet up in the air!job hazard or perk eh? heheheh good luck!

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