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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

Fremantle Festival

It's tiring to fly every day. The two guys in my course who are going through the program faster than I am, fly almost every day. I take a bit more rest days than them. Today, as they are soaring in the air, I went to the Fremantle Festival. Or rather the end of the Fremantle Festival. It's a festival dedicated to the arts. A whole week of various activities in Fremantle, kite flying, music in the streets, art exhibits, independent films, and dancing. The closing event was a Banghra themed atmosphere along the whole of Cappucino Strip. Indian DJs mixed some Bollywood music with techno and house beats. People dressed in bright colors dancing here and there along the main road of the Strip. It's akin to an outdoor club. As the sky grew darker, the lights came on. Multicolored hues flashing the waving limbs accordingly to the rythm. I didn't stay for the end. I have an eight a.m. flight and I have to get up at five to prepare for it. The time I was there, was enough for me to de-stress and relax. Maybe I should go dance more often. I'd say a day of not flying to experience local culture is a fair trade.

Watching people dancing
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