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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Eventful Day

Woken up by course mate because there weren’t enough cadets for gardening duty. Donned on my gardening clothes and went off to pull out weeds from our course garden for a couple of hours. There’s something wrong with Perth. There’re flies everywhere! It’s annoying to have to keep on whisking them away when you’re outside of a building.

Hoards of people in my room. It’s become a thing to play Risk in my room with my roomie as the host. I wouldn’t mind it really, but it’s been going on for a few days now and my room is starting to get messy and smelly. Seriously. I’m going to ban them from playing it in here tomorrow.

Headed out to the viewing point to look at another course mate trying to clear his early solo sortie. Fortunately he also cleared. He was at his last hour to clear under the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.

Went of to see the WRC Championship in Perth. Drivers were giving out signed posters. Managed to get Peter Solberg of Subaru’s signature and some other goodies from Subaru and Ford. The Special Stage in town is done at a small stadium. The track is your average dirt track with a divider in the middle to separate the cars. Two cars race down the track at the same time. My seat was between the start of a bend and the beginning of one. I got to see the cars enter and exit a drift. Also managed to see a few crashes! The event ended with a twenty minute fireworks show.

Got news from my colleagues that I got changed instructor’s this morning. The administration thought it prudent to put me under a new instructor who needs someone to fly nav flights with. I don’t know why admin couldn’t choose another person from my group. Now I’ve to find someone to take over my job as lead cadet. At least my friends said that my instructor fought with the admin to get me to stay with him. Apparently he said that I’m one of his better pilots. Pro is that I’ll be able to advance faster since my old instructor was bogged with too many cadets. Con is that I’m quite used to my old instructor’s laid back style. Well, as long as I get to fly.

Controlled Burning