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Sunday, February 25, 2007 


I need to go for aircraft training before I can fully start my line training. Aircraft training is nothing more than a confidence booster. I just need to fly a couple of rounds around an airport. Then, I can start flying to proper destinations! A bit stressed out at the thought, but a bit of stress is good.

Yesterday, my aircraft training got cancelled once again. Reason being that there wasn't any aircrafts available. At least both times I was told before I reached the airport. It would be much more frustrating to reach the airport and have it cancelled once all the preparations are done! This is normal, so I just have to be patient and wait my turn.

To release my pent up energy I went over to a park by the beach to rollerblade. It's been awhile since I went to the park, or went blading. Nothing much has changed in the eight months since I was last there. There's now a cable pulled water skiing/boarding area. Quite interesting, think I'll give it a go some day. Other than that there seems to be less people blading around from what I remembered.

Sigh, I need something exciting.

Mean skies
(another reason for my cancelled flight?)

At least someone's flying! (^_^)

Why not try skydiving? Being aware that you could be killed doing such an activity is definitely exciting.

I actually have been sky diving, but only a couple of times, when I was in uni. Didn't manage to make the ten jumps required to go without a static line. Maybe I should go again. My friend just did a tandem jump in NZ, hopefully I'll get a chance.

This is totally unrelated. But that somehow reminded me of Canon in D.

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