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Monday, March 05, 2007 

No Go?

Apparently the seats are fully booked for my trip to Angkor, unfortunately the company I work for only flies there once a day. Going there is not a problem, but coming back is...I looked at the day that I plan to come back, and the day after, each flight was fully booked. The kind lady at staff travel suggested that I just put in a bid, and if something opens up, I might be lucky enough to get it. So, here're my fingers crossed.

In my attempt to become a better pilot, and also since I have an interest in aviation , I've decided to put up photos of planes. Even though the commercial planes look the same, there're some differences.

Tristar L-1011Tristar L-1011
(photo by Adrian Pingstone)

This is a Tristar L-1011 by Lockheed. Now as we know Lockheed, nowadays don't make civilian aircrafts, this is one of the last few models that they made that's still around today. Some of the cool things to note is that this is the first wide body aircraft to recieve CATIIIc certification. Which means, it can land without the pilots being able to see the runway! It's also one of the few planes with three engines such as the DC-10, MD-11, and the 727. Unfortunately, since parts are hard to come by, more and more companies are dropping it from their operations. We probably won't be able to see it in the air anymore in just a few more years.

Hey zan are you taken or are you just into planes?

Nah, we can still see them except that now, they are being converted for cargo use. Hence,increasing their life spans.

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