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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 

Green Is The Theme

I went home to attend a wedding during the weekend. I decided to take a bus home, since I've always found that long bus rides help me relax. The whole ride was uneventful, with me nodding off as the bus's swaying motion lulled me into sleep. I awoke to a sudden lurch as the bus started slowing down. As I groggily opened my eyes, I saw that some of the other passengers were standing up and looking up ahead.

As we crawled forward, I could see some smoke up ahead by the side window. The smoke got closer and closer and I realized it's actually on the opposite road. A few seconds later, the scene was next to my bus. It was a van on fire! I couldn't believe my eyes. I quickly took out my camera from it's bag, turned it on and snapped away. In a few more seconds, the whole thing was behind us. A few kilometers down the road, a fire truck zoomed by, sirens a-wailing. I looked at my camera's review mode, and noticed that I still had the camera on the setting I used the night to take the mosque pictures. Thankfully, the settings were forgiving enough to get the picture at the bottom. I wouldn't have gotten that picture if I used my previous consumer camera, it wouldn't have started up fast enough, and probably wouldn't have been as clear as with this camera.


My cousin's was a fun affair. She attended the same high school as I did, so there were some old school friends whom I haven't seen for a long time. I did go around and take some photos. What I realized/learned is that wedding photographers have it tough. Good knowledge of customs, guests, and schedule is really important for them to get the right shots. Also, I'm still quite slow in recognizing when a good photo moment is coming up. I missed out on a lot of shots, realizing the moment would've made a good photo after seeing it pass a couple seconds ago. Maybe I should be more trigger happy? She was, kind enough to let me get a couple of posed shots. So, I tried cliche shots. I did try and observe how the pro photographer was doing his job. He was practically everywhere! Learned quite a bit on how they work. Anyways, congratulations to my cousin.