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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

Sunrise over the Straits

It's been two months since I last wrote anything. There have been many amusing and interesting experiences. I've learned a lot from my mentors on how to be more efficient, how to understand the quirks of the plane, the weather, and the people who help guide us through the skies. I've landed an airplane with passengers on board!

Just wanted to share a picture I took recently. I didn't manage to capture the beauty that I saw in the cockpit. This is just a meager glimpse of the sky that I see most everyday.

Beautiful Pics. Thanks for sharing

Hey you.


Yes, I've changed my number. But the old one is still valid for at least a couple more months. I've smsed you my new one, btw.

Have fun in Jakarta :)

Great photo taken!Funny,the photo that you've posted here looks similar to the photo that I've taken. Guess it's all the same view that we see from the plane as the sun slowly rises up:)

Will be interesting reading all that "amusing and interesting experiences"..wonder what pilots do during the auto-cruise mode, other than reading the newspaper?

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