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Wednesday, March 28, 2007 


My room is a mess, every time I start studying, I start to leave a swathe of notes all over my room. For each topic, I'd have several different sources and books. After finding a tidbit of info in a book, I'd leave it open and lying nearby, just in case I want to review it again.

At this moment, I have two company policy books, a Jeppesen aviation reference book, my flight charts, my short notes I've typed and printed out, my notes from ground school, and my trusty 555 book for in flight notes. My laptop is surrounded by a sea of paper.

I find this quite soothing since all the information is just an arm's length away. Once I'm done, all the paper notes will go into my flight bag, which is why it's so heavy, and the books back to my small library.

Anyway, fuel policy is very important in flight planning, it'll make sure we fly with a safe margin, and let the company have some profit by not wasting the fuel that we've uplifted. After reading the policy the umpteenth time, I can safely say, the people who thought of these regulations are masters at balancing. So many things have been taken into consideration to not waste fuel, and yet there's still enough margin of fuel left that I feel quite comfortable in the cockpit. Plus, the programs that are used to calculate our fuel usage for a trip are very very accurate that I'd call it magic. So many variables and barring any mishaps, we'll land at the destination within a couple of hundred kgs of fuel from our estimate, not bad when you consider we use seven thousand kgs of fuel per hour.

The more I learn, the more I find commercial aviation to be very safe. The industry depends on it. And I keep on learning to make all my flights as safe and comfortable as possible. It's a pilot's job to make flying look easy.

In the Mausoleum

Oh ya, reason why some pics have frames and others don't, is because the frameless pictures aren't edited at all, except for resizing, or I've taken them from somewhere. Framed pictures probably had some color adjustments done. I only adjust colors, and maybe crop.

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