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Sunday, April 01, 2007 

Be Prepared

It's eight p.m. and I'm browsing away on the laptop.

*Handphone Rings*
Zan : Hello?
Flt Rost: Hello Zan? P. from rostering. Will you be available for a flight to Kansai (one of my dream flight routes) tonight at midnight?
Zan : Tonight!? Um, when will I be back?
Flt Rost : You'll be back on Tuesday at 21:55 local time.
Zan : Ahh, as much as I want to, I have a compulsory dress rehearsal for my graduation on that day...
Flt Rost : Do you know who the captain in charge for that is? We could call him up and get you excused.
Zan : It's under (a subsidiary company), no captain is in charge of it, but I think I do know who to call, I'll try and call them up and see if I can get excused.

I hang up the phone and frantically try and call up the secretary in charge while packing my cabin bag, unfortunately she didn't pick up. Called up some friends, to see if they've any ideas, one thought of calling up someone else who was in charge of the graduation ceremony, promised to sms me the persons phone number. Just as I put down the phone.

*Handphone rings*
Flt Rost : Zan, how did it go?
Zan : Umm, I'm just about to call someone to see if I can get out of it.
Flt Rost : Ah, thats o.k., we managed to find someone else. Thanks for the help!
Zan : Oh o.k...
*Curses self since I missed a chance to go some place I really want to*

Sigh, lesson learned from this is;
1. Have an overnight bag ready to go
2. Always have ironed out uniforms even if you're not flying in a couple of days, especially during this stage since you're always on standby.
3. When you have free time, just print out some charts for all the destinations you might go
4. Keep phone numbers of everyone who is important in a company until you really have nothing to do with them, and even then, have backups some where.

sorry to hear that.. apa pun, all the best next time.. may you learn from the previous events... take care

zan! you said you were going to update regularly..haaaishh.. =P


What's up with you? Haven't heard from you since my last (accidental) call to Shanghai :p

Anyways, I'm heading to the US this Saturday on a business trip. NY, Boston and San Francisco. Tempted to extend my stay and visit good old Pittsburgh, but too many weddings in June. Which brings me to my next piece of news: a fellow CMU alumna is getting married.

Call/email for details :p

(I have to lure you to get you to contact me goddamit.)

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