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Sunday, November 06, 2005 

Please pray to whatever God you worship

Tomorrow is my day off. My friends and I are going off to the viewing area beside the control tower to cheer our coursemates on. Some are going to send them off to their planes. Tomorrow is the last hour for one guy and last couple of hours for a couple others. We're alotted fifteen hours to reach our first solo, then begins the long road of being switched from one instructor to the other. Each instructor gets three hours to shape us up for solo. After two instructors, we're passed to a senior instructor (SFI). If that doesn't go well, we go up with the chief flight instructor (CFI). One guy is with the CFI and the other two are with SFIs.

At the course meeting, announcements on new operating procedures were given, plans for our course reunion were discussed, and it was ended with our course leader asking us to please pray to our own God that the course goes through intact with everyone reaching captaincy.

Peel Inlet taken during my first Navigation Sortie at 4500 feet