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Thursday, March 08, 2007 

Murtabak and a Mosque

Sultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque

The picture up there was taken with my sigma lens. The mosque is quite close to a restaurant that has very nice (and cheap) murtabak. Which is an Indian style pancake that has meat and onions in it. The curry sauce served with it was a bit lacking I'm afraid, but the murtabak itself was deliciously crispy and tender at the right parts.

The Sigma has been a very good travelling lens so far. I ~am~ itching to get a longer lens and try to shoot some photos of planes myself. I'm hoping after a few months of flying, I'll be able to save up for the the 70-200mm f4L USM IS, or maybe the 70-300mm USM IS. In short, these lenses should help me pick the plane out of the sky, well, when they've just taken off from the runway.

I've gone and bought myself another lens! At least it's a cheap lens, a 50mm f1.8 lens. Since my cousin is getting married, I'll have a chance to play around with the lens and see what I can get with it. I also bought a new printer! The printer is mainly for me to print out all my documents and notes, but I bought one that can make good quality photo printouts. So, I'll print out pictures I like and hang them around my room.


Boeing 747-300
(from Wikipedia by Arpingstone)

The other day I was asked what the difference is between a 744 and a 743. Sheepishly I answered "Smaller engine thrust?" This shows how much more I should know! So, apparently, from what I've gathered is, the most obvious feature is that the 743 doesn't have any winglets. According to Wikipedia, the 743 is the first 747 model which has an extended upper deck. Of course this is great for the passenger version, but has no value if it were to be converted to a cargo version. So, this plane never had a cargo version.
Just by posting these plane entries, I've gathered a bit more knowledge from looking it up myself or from comments. Should keep on doing this.

There's winglets in 744 because they want to improve fuel consumption. The extended upper deck of 744 is slightly longer than the one in 743 and the bodylength of 744 is also slightly longer. 743 did go for cargo conversion but was stopped because hangar operations in Wichita got shut down.

Cool, thanks alot for the information. It's good to know all these bits of info on other planes.

Curry tak sedap eh :p

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